Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)


MG Power Controls offers one of best power voltage regulating systems with wide input voltage range suitable for the Africa market capable of dealing with worst input voltages experienced in the sub-regions. They come in all sizes 5kVA to 600kVA.
Special request are considered. The electrical installation within your building (Single or three Phase Wiring) is factored in their making and therefore all sectors are considered. The AVR Units are customized either Indoor or Outdoor unit per your request. Working Principle - Servo Motor Wide power range from (30 L-N) (Operational ; Single phase 120-300V, Line-Line, 266-479V) Provide stable voltage to critical loads (medical, industrial, CNC machine tools, Elevators etc.)

Excellent Voltage Regulation by PWM
Long Lasting
Digital Display
Perfect Protection
Wide input range
Lack of neutral and ground protection with dry contact
Digital display in

Electrical Panel (Switchgears)

Cabinets For Electrical Panels

Wired Electric Panels

For Telephony

Wired Electric Panels

For Industrial Use Distribution Panel Low Voltage - Power Center type & Panel Switching Network/Group and E.P. Command for Electrical Generator

Wired Electric Panels

General Distribution Panel for light and power

Wired Electric Panels

For Railway & Naval Use

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