Storage devices

Storage Management

Reduce the workload required for storage management by using virtualization technology Efficiently manage data according to its usage frequency Dramatically reduce the power consumption of storage units for environmental conservation and power saving Ensure the continuous operations in the face of unforeseen failures Reduce the cost of storing ever-increasing data at businesses Improve the operating efficiency by integrating a server virtualization environment Construct a disaster response site to prepare for earthquakes and fires Improve problematic backup systems

M Series

NEC's M-Series Storage Disk Arrays for SAN and NAS applications is the perfect balance of performance, affordability and functionality for today’s needs such as virtualization, cloud environment and power saving. Setup can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less. User-friendly GUI makes storage management and data handling easy. An advanced power-saving design slashes power consumption. Thin provisioning enables ideal capacity distribution in a virtual environment.

HYDRAstor Series

HYDRAstor is a scale-out grid storage platform built on top of a scalable back-end object storage with inline global deduplication, solving present and future challenges for long-term data.
HYDRAstor’s scale-out grid architecture provides scalability of both performance and capacity, capacity optimization, advanced erasure-coded data protection, and high availability with node-level resiliency.
HYDRAstor can be further expanded and refreshed online with no data migration by incorporating newer generation hardware into the same grid system, maximizing investment protection. HYDRAstor delivers the following benefits for long-term data.

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