Line-interractive UPS

The MG Systems Power Control LI UPS are single phase UPS with capacities ranging from 1000VA - 3000VA.
The LI UPS provide you with the following benefits:

Wide input voltage range (145V - 275V)
12 months UPS Parts warranty
Digital Control
Line-interactive Control
LCD Display
Pure Sine Wave Output
Charge Current Max 15A
Two Types Output Connection

True Online Double Conversion UPS

They come in all sizes 2kVA to 6.5MVA (6500KVA). We do have Single & Three Phase UPS Units depending on your electrical installation.
They come with 2 Years Parts warranty. Below are some online products

High Frequency UPS

Digital Control
Online Design
Pure Sine WaveOutput
PFC Function
Output Power Factor 0.8
Charge Current Max 6A
Wide Input Range140—300V
Green ECO Mode
With EPO Button

Single Phase Low Frequency UPS

Digital Control
Logo Display with Start
Low Frequency Online
Design Large LCD Display
Charge Current 1-15A
Wide Input Range
With ManualBypass
RS232/RS485/Dry Contacts

Three Phase in and one phase out Low frequency UPS

Large LCD Display
Full digital Control
High efficiency
Perfect protection

Rock Mount Low Frequency UPS

Digital Control
19’Rackmount Design
Large LCD Display
RS232/RS485/Dry Contact
With Manual Bypass
DC220V/DC110V Source Input
Independent Bypass

Modular UPS

Full Digital Control
Modular Design
Hot Swap
Key and Touch Screen Double
Interface Logo Display With Start
Large LCD display
Strong Load Capacity
A single module fault does
not affect UPS run Easy Maintenance
N+X Redundancy Operation Available

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